why we are different

Professional services firms have unique talent management needs. Choose a system that is perfectly designed for you.

Our people management platform is built to handle all the nuances of hiring, developing, and managing talent at your firm. With vi by Aderant, you have a partner rather than just a software provider. Our team knows you, is always there for you, and will be proud to be part of your success.

Why choose vi by Aderant

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To provide your professionals with continuous feedback on client work or projects

We know your business involves delivering key projects to important clients. Guide your professionals' performance on client work with precision feedback. Allow your professionals to ask for feedback as they work on projects, or allow managers to give feedback at key milestones on client projects. Never miss a chance to course correct and deliver the best possible service to your clients.

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To easily conduct annual performance evaluations for your people

Annual performance evaluations need to reflect a synopsis of feedback on work that was done throughout the year. Professional services firms have unique nuances when it comes to annual performance evaluations — that's why our clients come to us when other software can’t handle their needs. We support many-to-many relationships in evaluation processes (for example, multiple partners evaluating multiple associates on different work that was done throughout the year).

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To strategically distribute work to maximize productivity, utilization, and billable hours

Putting the right teams on every project involves careful strategy that considers professionals’ availability and skills. Easily analyze employee schedules so you can give the right work to the right people at the right time. Strategically assign equitable workloads that keep professionals productive, satisfied, and on track to meet their billable hour targets.

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To integrate new hires and engage teams, even when everyone is remote

It’s imperative to fully integrate new hires into your culture, rather than just onboard them. With our software, you can ensure that key relationships are fostered and that no new hire slips through the cracks. You also need to make sure everyone at your firm is engaged and satisfied. Our software adapts to remote work easily, so you can pay extra attention to keeping teams connected, productive, and supported in a virtual work environment.

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To shorten hiring and training time frames for your professionals

Our platform analyzes your hiring process results, so you can increase efficiency and hire the best candidates sooner. Once they’re officially hired, we help you design training plans and other integration activities that ensure new hires will know how to hit the ground running on day one.

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To help your professionals learn effectively and develop critical skills

Help every employee attain their maximum potential by giving them tools and opportunities for self-improvement. Guide their learning and professional development by tracking what skills they acquire through their work and through their internal education. Help them set goals and provide the professional resources they need to meet them and advance.

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To track and measure diversity initiatives across your organization

Achieve your hiring targets and create a more inclusive organization by making sure every employee has equal opportunity to succeed. Filter and analyze diversity data to improve your hiring process, then make sure your diverse talent is given the support they need and are heard by your organization.

Reasons to work with us

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Our clients trust us with the most strategic parts of people management

Since our founding, our mission has always been helping talent leaders solve the top people management challenges. We simplify sophisticated processes and help you free up your time so you can focus on your most valuable resources — your people.

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Our modules are even stronger when used together

Our modules can integrate and enhance each other. For example, feedback from our real-time feedback tool can be transferred to support annual evaluations, our evaluation tool can be used to evaluate recruitment candidates, and our work allocation tool allows you to assign work based on skills and performance.

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Caring for our customers is at the core of who we are as a business and our world-class Support Team is the heartbeat of that ideal.

Resolve issues quickly and easily via myAderant, our customer support portal. Access an extensive library of self-service documentation, knowledge base articles, the Aderant Academy training platform, or submit a support ticket directly from the myAderant portal.

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We can integrate with all major HRIS & accounting systems

Our ability to integrate with your billing & accounting systems enables direct import of client projects so you can facilitate project-based feedback and easily schedule professionals for client work. Each of our system modules can integrate with your daily tools so you can get more done in less time.

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Our software is easy-to-adopt and easy-to-use

Because our system is built with your specific needs in mind, it is highly intuitive and easy for your professionals to use. It allows your people to adopt the system with ease and helps them accomplish their tasks with minimal effort and time.

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Our system is customizable and scalable

With our smart process builder, drag and drop forms, and templates for professional services, your team can easily build any process and customize the system for any role, department, or practice area.

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We’re mobile-ready

All our software is mobile-ready, with automatic email reminders and updates that will reach your professionals anywhere, whether they’re on the go or working from home.

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We innovate so that you’ll always stay at the forefront

We’re obsessed with bringing the latest and greatest solutions to our clients. Since starting with one product, we have been constantly innovating and have expanded our product offerings into an all-in-one people management suite. With us, you will always be at the forefront of your industry.