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Real-time feedback has been hailed as the holy grail of employee performance management. Giving employees feedback on their performance in real-time allows them to course correct, and improve quickly. Real-time feedback leads to more engagement of employees as well as higher retention rates.


Setup any real-time feedback process

Create a real-time feedback workflow that meets your needs. We have built-in best practice workflows. Easily design your real-time feedback questionnaires with our drag & drop form builder. You have unlimited options – allow employees or managers to initiate a request to provide real-time feedback. Professional Services firms – we have an accounting system information integrated in the software so billable professionals can get real-time feedback on projects/matters.

Setup any real-time feedback process

Visualize real-time feedback activities in real-time

As people request and provide feedback, every time a feedback form is submitted, it is added to a timeline where users can interact with individual blocks to see the details of feedback.

Visualize real-time feedback activities in real-time

Analyze feedback with gorgeous dashboards

See a visual snapshot of all feedback for an individual, including feedback trends, vollume of feedback and other useful information. The software includes dashboards for offices, departments and practice groups.

Analyze feedback with gorgeous dashboards

Do even more with viRealTimeFeedback

Identify top performers

Identify top performers

Quickly identify your stars with precision reporting.

Team leader access to results

Team leader access to results

Give team leaders access to the Real-time feedback results for their team.

Integrate with your Annual Performance Review process

Integrate with your Annual Performance Review process

Most organizations will keep an annual review process, for the best of both worlds. Our software integrates seamlessly with your annual review process.

Allow Individual Career Reflections

Allow Individual Career Reflections

Our software includes functionality for individuals to add real-time notes on their career reflections.

  • Seemless 3rd Party System Integration

    viRealTimeFeedback integrates with many third party systems

  • Airtight Security

    Permissions are built into viRealTimeFeedback so your data is safe

  • Dedicated Application Specialist

    You get a dedicated customer care specialist for the lifetime relationship with our organization

  • Fully Customizable

    We customize the software to your specific needs

  • Mobile Ready

    People can update Real-time Feedback from mobile devices anywhere

  • Part of an Integrated Platform

    Our people platform has eight software modules, each solving different people challenges

RealtimeFeedback Full Feature List

Professional Services Firms

  • Best practice workflows for professional services firms
  • Triggers for real-time feedback based on hours worked on a project, projects completed, etc.
  • Evaluatees (associates, analysts) can request /solicit feedback from evaluators on specific projects
  • Accounting system integration – we import projects/matters so that people can get real-time feedback on specific work projects. We also support minimum hourly threshold – “ex: once a project hits 10 hours, request feedback”
  • Prebuilt reports for professional services firms

All Organizations

  • Completely customize the system for your workflows
  • Triggers for feedback based on who hasn’t requested feedback for x time (ex: “if someone hasn’t had any feedback for 45 days, remind them to get some feedback”)
  • Allow employees (evaluatees) or managers (evaluators) to trigger a request for real-time feedback
  • Drag & drop form builder
  • Support for any workflow – open system, private system, notes to self, etc.
  • Optional Ability for HR/admin team to approve/reject real-time feedback before releasing it to the employee
  • Timeline view of feedback – allow people to see a chronological view of feedback over time
  • Email templates drive the process – email reminders are sent out to ensure Real-time feedback forms are completed
  • Reporting engine – create any reports you like

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