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New Hire / lateral hire Integration Software

It has often been said that “Onboarding is not enough”. Enter our employee integration software. Our software allows you to create a timeline of integration activities and actions for all new hires, ensuring that they are fully integrated into the cultural fiber of your organization. This is ideal for senior leaders joining an organization. At professional services organizations, this is perfect for lateral associates and partners. Our software makes sure that “no new hire falls through the cracks”.


Setup your integration program/timeline

An integration program can last from 6-months up to two years for senior leaders. Our software allows you to setup a timeline for different roles – ‘senior executive’, ‘lateral associate’, ‘lateral partner’ – each person who is hired is then placed on that timeline. Along the timeline, they are introduced to key people on the integration team, such as mentors, sponsors, key clients, etc.

Setup your integration program/timeline

Create your list of ideal integration activities

Here is where the rubber meets the road. Create your list of important integration activities. Along the timeline you can create important integration activities, such as mentor meetings, introduction to diversity leaders, key client meetings, meetings with stakeholders, visits to other offices, key document review and real-time feedback. Some of our customers have between 40 and 80 integration activities for new hires.

Create your ideal list of ideal integration activities

See how well people are integrating across the organization

See a view of all currently integrating people. See how far along they are in the integration timeline, and also see a summary of their real-time feedback – how happy they are with your organization, and equally important – how happy you are with them.

See how well people are integrating across the organization

The integration team sees a view of all upcoming integration tasks

As each upcoming integration activity is due, emails are sent out to the respective person on the integration team to ensure the integration activity is carried out. They simply click on a link in the email and indicate whether the integration action has been completed. Integration activities can be assigned to the new hire, or the team supporting them.

The integration team sees a view of all upcoming integration tasks

Dashboard view of all integration activities organization-wide

Get a birds-eye view of all integration activities across the organization. See trends by office, and department. Notice red-alerts – any overdue or not-started integration activities. Use this dashboard to ensure no one is falling through the cracks. Also view integration trends over time.

Dashboard view of all integration activities organization-wide

View year-over-year trends

See how well people are integrating year-over-year. View real-time feedback trends on the integration program – from your employees as well as the people integrating. Use this feedback to continually improve your integration process.

View year-over-year trends

Do even more with viIntegrate

Make a great first impression

Make a great first impression

Imagine having a senior leader tell you that this was the best first 6-months they have ever had in their career.

Use it as a marketing tool to attract talent

Use it as a marketing tool to attract talent

Tell potential hires that you have a sophisticated integration program – this increases the likelihood of them choosing your organization.

Ensure diversity & inclusion

Ensure diversity & inclusion

We have D & I reporting built in to ensure that diverse new-hires get the same access to mentors, sponsors and key relationships in your organization.

Gather feedback on the new hire

Gather feedback on the new hire

From day one, collect real-time feedback on the new hire from key people in the integration team. Ensure they are a fit within the first three to six months.

  • Seemless 3rd Party System Integration

    viIntegrate integrates with many third party systems

  • Airtight Security

    Permissions are built into viIntegrate so your data is safe

  • Dedicated Application Specialist

    You get a dedicated customer care specialist for the lifetime relationship with our organization

  • Fully Customizable

    We customize the software to your specific needs

  • Mobile Ready

    People can update vIntegrate activities from mobile devices anywhere

  • Part of an Integrated Platform

    Our people platform has eight software modules, each solving different people challenges

Integrate Full Feature List

Professional Services Firms

  • Best practice workflows for professional services firms
  • Integration content built-in – the software is shipped with lateral associate and lateral partner integration plans – you can easily customize these to your needs
  • Accounting system integration – see how fast new hires are hitting billable hour requirements compared to their peers
  • Ability to have an entire business case loaded into the system, ensure that each task is carried out
  • Prebuilt reports for professional services firms

All Organizations

  • Completely customize the system for your workflows – create any integration plan for any role, quickly and easily
  • Dashboards show integration trends by office, department and role
  • Create any integration activity – mentor meetings, sponsor meetings, diversity activities, welcome calls and emails – unlimited flexibility
  • Two-way Real-time feedback built into the system – feedback from the new hire as well as the integration team
  • Email templates drive the process – email reminders are sent out to ensure integration activities are complete
  • Reporting engine – create any reports you like

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