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Move to the forefront of employee performance management with viEval. Our cutting-edge performance management software provides a foundational system for managing performance and aligning with organizational objectives. Engage your workforce in a more dynamic and meaningful way. Gain insights into top performers and trends. Equip your organization with the technology essential for cultivating a culture of the highest performance.


Setup any performance management process

Our system handles any type of performance management process – self evaluations, personal development plans (PDPs), goal setting, employee evaluations, upward reviews and anonymous evaluations. Each process can have its own workflows and configurations.

Setup any performance management process

Integrate evaluations with other talent management processes

Our performance management system integrates well all of our other modules and third party systems. For example, before completing an evaluation, a manager can see the employee’s learning status (viLMS), skills acquired throughout the year (viSkills) a summary of their real-time feedback (viRealtimeFeedback), their self-assessment and other information from third-party systems, such as demographic information. For professional services firms, we can display a summary of key projects worked on throughout the year.

Integrate evaluations with other talent management processes

Evaluations are completed

We make it very easy for people to complete evaluations. Evaluators simply click on the person they are evaluating and complete the online form. Evaluations can be completed from any device, including mobile.

Evaluations are completed

View completion status reports

View a list of all evaluations that are supposed to be completed. The system will email anyone who has evaluations not completed yet.

View completion status reports

View summary reports

View summary reports of offices and departments. View individual summary reports and rankings reports. Our reporting tool allows you to create multiple views on performers and configure the reports to your liking.

View summary reports

Do even more with viEval

Identify top performers

Identify top performers

Quickly identify your stars with precision reporting.

Team leader access to results

Team leader access to results

Give team leaders access to the evaluation results for their team.

Integrate with a Real-time feedback process

Integrate with a Real-time feedback process

Get the best of both worlds – a structured annual review, coupled with real-time feedback collected throughout the year.

Reduce administrative time

Reduce administrative time

Our software saves you time! Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to conduct any evaluation process.

  • Seemless 3rd Party System Integration

    viEval integrates with many third party systems

  • Airtight Security

    Permissions are built into viEval so your data is safe

  • Dedicated Application Specialist

    You get a dedicated customer care specialist for the lifetime relationship with our organization

  • Fully Customizable

    We customize the software to your specific needs

  • Mobile Ready

    People can update evaluations from mobile devices anywhere

  • Part of an Integrated Platform

    Our people platform has eight software modules, each solving different people challenges

Eval Full Feature List

Professional Services Firms

  • Best practice workflows for professional services firms
  • Evaluatees (associates, analysts) can request /solicit feedback from evaluators on specific projects
  • Accounting system integration – we import projects/matters so that people can get feedback on specific work projects
  • Support for professional services based evaluations – Associate, Summer Associate, Summer Analyst, Intern, Upward Review, Partner Review, Anonymous evaluations, etc.
  • Prebuilt reports for professional services firms

All Organizations

  • Completely customize the system for your workflows
  • Support for any evaluation process – self, group, employee, PDP, Upward review, 360 degree feedback, anonymous evaluations, etc.
  • Create custom evaluation forms – easily create any form with custom questions and response types
  • Support for a competency model
  • Email templates drive the process – email reminders are sent out to ensure evaluations are completed
  • Reporting engine – create any reports you like

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