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Employee Skills Tracking and Career Growth

Our skills tracking system allows you to create a set of skills by department and level. This empowers employees to visually see a ‘career path’ and gain the work experience they need to progress. Organizational leaders have a bird’s eye view of all groups of employees are progressing and can target work to those who need it most, or assemble teams based on work experiences.


Create your list of skills to track

Create a list if skills/benchmarks to track for each level of employee. Skills lists can be organized by competency and are broken down by level (you can create your own levels structure), such as (junior, mid-level, senior). Skills lists can also be more general, across departments (like leadership skills), or they can be job/role specific (like litigation associate, or software engineer). Create a progressive set of skills so employees can see a progression and what is expected of them as they progress in their career. Allow people to track their skills progression either by ‘number of times completed’, or ‘level of experience’ (no experience, some experience, extensive experience, mastery) – you get to choose how you determine skills progression.

Create your list of skills to track

People update their skills

People login to the system and update their skills as they acquire work experiences. This entire process takes 5-10 minutes. Employees update their level of experience on each skill and can add comments too. People can visually see how well there are progressing along their career path as well as any skills gaps. They can focus on getting work that augments their skills gaps. People can also see the entire skills list, so they can see a ‘career roadmap’ or where they need to be in order to progress in their career.

People update their skills

Birds-eye view of who has updated their skills

System administrators can see a status report of who has updated their skills and who has not. The software sends out automatic email reminds to people who have not yet updated their skills. The software can be configured to send out monthly or quarterly (you decide the frequency) reminders to update skills on a regular basis. In addition, eager employees can also login anytime they like to update their skills.

Birds-eye view of who has updated their skills

View skills progression reports

Our reporting tool allows you to have a bird’s eye view of how people are progressing in their skills. For example, you can see who has got ‘no experience’ in a certain skill or competency. You can also see who has extensive experience. You can see trends across a department, office or level of employee too. This is very useful in determining who should be put on certain projects. Some of our clients pair up people with extensive skills with people who don’t have skills so that they can ‘shadow’ each other or mentor each other.

View skills progression reports

Do even more with viSkills

Give employees clarity in their career path

Give employees clarity in their career path

Empower employees to see where they are today and where they need to go to progress.

Help retain star employees

Help retain star employees

A key factor in retention is providing people with clear expectations for growth.

Identity skills gaps

Identity skills gaps

Quickly see employees who are falling behind or not getting the work their need to thrive.

Ensure employees are well rounded

Ensure employees are well rounded

Make sure that people are getting a depth and breadth of work experience so they can become future leaders.

  • Seemless 3rd Party System Integration

    viSkills integrates with many third party systems

  • Airtight Security

    Permissions are built into viSkills so your data is safe

  • Dedicated Application Specialist

    You get a dedicated customer care specialist for the lifetime relationship with our organization

  • Fully Customizable

    We customize the software to your specific needs

  • Mobile Ready

    People can update their skills progression from mobile devices anywhere

  • Part of an Integrated Platform

    Our people platform has eight software modules, each solving different people challenges

Skills Full Feature List

Professional Services Firms

  • Best practice configurations for different practice groups
  • The software comes with skills lists from different practice groups
  • Accounting system integration – we import projects/matters so that people can indicate skills acquired on specific projects/matters
  • Best practice levels structure pre-configured for lawyers, consultants, other professionals
  • People can update skills either ‘skills-centric’, or ‘project/matter-centric’ – they can select a project and update all skills acquired on that project/matter
  • Specific workflows built-in for professional services firms
  • Prebuilt reports for professional services firms

All Organizations

  • Completely customize the system for your workflows
  • Each department can have their own configuration – update skills by # of times completed, or level of experience
  • Create your own levels progression structure
  • Update skills acquired weekly, monthly or quarterly
  • Full integration with our performance evaluation tool – view skills acquired throughout the year before completing a performance review
  • Email templates drive the process – automated emails remind employees to update their skills
  • Robust reporting tool – create any reports you like, across office, department or level

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