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Improve productivity and utilization with strategic work allocation

Maximize billable hours while preventing employee burnout, ensure equitable distribution of work and opportunities for growth, and put the right people on the right projects at the right time.


Effectively manage workloads and assignments to help professionals do their best work

workload management

Forecast and balance individual workloads to drive productivity and utilization

Analyze an entire department’s availability in one place, with color-coding to easily assess how busy they are.
Satisfy every employee, remote or in the office, by ensuring they are productive and on target for their billable hours.
Visual dashboards make it easy to manage employee workloads in any number of locations — ideal for remote work.

work allocation

Schedule the right person for work based on their availability, skills, and demographics

When looking at who is available, see an up-to-date record of each employee’s demographics, skills, and performance.
Pick the person that suits the work best and build diverse projects teams who will perform well and complement each other.
Evaluate their performance on the assignment and what skills they need for their learning and development goals.

summer program management

Manage internships and other early career programs for greater productivity

Create, assign, and track all assignments in a central system, perfect for internship programs and internal gig marketplaces.
Easily monitor assignment progress, performance, and real-time feedback on work for an entire program.
Use prebuilt reports to evaluate individual productivity and identify who in a program is performing well and showing potential.

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