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Learning Management System + full CLE/CPD Credit Tracking

Our learning management system (viLMS) is a robust software solution for planning, delivering and managing all learning at your organization. Designed with the flexibility to meet any requirement, viLMS supports all of your people through their training lifecycle and bridges the traditional gaps between goal setting, learning, skills mastery and performance achievement. Our system also includes a full credit tracking engine (CLE/CPD) for tracking required continuing education requirements for all jurisdictions.


Setup your ideal learning management process

Be as flexible or as prescriptive as you like. Create structured learning paths or allow learners to select courses in a more ad hoc fashion. Create automated email templates for reminders, brand the homepage and create the ultimate learning management function for your organization.

Setup your ideal learning management process

Deploy courses and events with confidence

Launching a learning event is easy. With our Active Directory/Outlook integration you can select groups of learners to target training to. Automated emails are sent to learners suggesting the take the course. Users can register with one-click and the course is added to their calendar. This increase the adoption and consumption of learning content.

Deploy courses and events with confidence

Homepage for your learners

Our software contains an end-user learning homepage for your learners. The homepage is branded to your organization’s look and feel and shows learners important training bulletins, upcoming events, course search capabilities and much more. For professional services firms, learners can view their credit requirements as well as how many credits are still outstanding.

Homepage for your learnings

Easy course and calendar search capabilitites

Learners can search for courses via an online search tool or the upcoming calendar. Learners can search by course name, type (classroom, e-learning, learning resource) and any other criteria. Learners at professional services firms can search for courses based on credits required in specific jurisdictions (“give me all courses with ethics credits in New York”)

Easy course and calendar search capabilitites

Full CLE/CPD credit tracking engine

Our software contains a full CLE (Continuing Legal Education) and CPD (Continual Professional Development) credit tracking engine. We have built in rules for all US and many International jurisdictions around the world, and if you need credit tracking for other professionals, we have a credit engine that allows rules to be built in a matter of minutes. We keep the rules updated for you. All learners in the system are reminded of their compliance and reporting deadlines with automated email notifications.

Full CLE/CPD credit tracking engine

Registrant and attendee management

Deploy courses with ease. Set a classroom size limit and allow learners to self-register. Our system includes full Outlook calendar integration for registration, waitlisting and cancellations.

Registrant and attendee management

View dashboards of learning across the organization

Administrator dashboard view of learning activities across the organization. See learning trends over time, most accessed resources, least accessed. Real-time view of learner activity.

View dashboards of learning across the organization

View reports of learning trends

Create any report you like. View learning trends by office, department and individual employee. View learning path completion status and any other report.

View reports of learning trends

Do even more with viLMS + CLE

Integrate new hires effectively

Integrate with your performance management process

Allow users to set learning objectives in their annual self-assessment

Increase participation in learning

Increase participation in learning

We have designed the software to increase the likelihood of people taking courses

Create a university

Create a university

Use our credit engine to create your own crediting system, allow users to meet their annual credit requirements for your university!

Reduce administrative time

Reduce administrative time

Our software saves you time! The entire LMS is email template driven with automated reminders and course follow-ups

  • Seemless 3rd Party System Integration

    viLMS integrates with many third party systems

  • Airtight Security

    Permissions are built into viLMS so your data is safe

  • Dedicated Application Specialist

    You get a dedicated customer care specialist for the lifetime relationship with our organization

  • Fully Customizable

    We customize the software to your specific needs

  • Mobile Ready

    People can take courses from mobile devices anywhere

  • Part of an Integrated Platform

    Our people platform has eight software modules, each solving different people challenges

LMS + CLE Full Feature List

Professional Services Firms

  • Integration with third party professional services vendors (like PLI), overnight course and credit data feeds
  • Full credit engine for continuing education compliance (including all CLE rules for lawyers on earth)
  • Ability to have professional training curriculums as well as staff
  • Support for client training – many of our professional services firms use viLMS and the credit engine to train their clients

All Organizations

  • Create learning paths for any type of learner
  • Watchlist capabilities – users can add courses to a watchlist for later viewing
  • Recommend a course functionality
  • Social learning
  • Support for all types of learning – classroom, webinar, e-learning, learning resources
  • Full branding to your organization
  • Collect feedback on courses and learning resources
  • Full Outlook Calendar/Active Directory Integration

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