Project-Based Work Allocation

Use viWorkAllocation to effectively assign work to your employees

viWorkAllocation enables you to create projects/work assignments, distribute them to employees, track completion and conduct project-based evaluations

Effectively delegate work assignments and track completion

viWorkAllocation enables you to create projects and assign them to people. You can configure the properties of projects (like degree of difficulty or skills required), and then assign them for completion. Optionally you can use a ‘project pool’ function and let employees select projects on their own. Employees update project status (not-started, in-progress or complete), and you can then conduct project-based evaluations on them for real-time performance feedback.

What viWorkAllocation Can Do For You...

Some of Our Features

Centrally Manage

Have one central database of all projects and track what is completed and what is not


You determine what properties of a projects you want to track (hours, department, office/city, etc.) Then report on these fields

Real-time Feedback

The instant a project is complete, trigger a project-based evaluation to provide real-time feedback to the employee


Managers have an array of reports to analyze projects outstanding, completed and much more

Email Notifications

As soon as a project is assigned automatically email the employee who is working on it. As soon as the project is completed, automatically email all evaluators asking for a performance review


Optionally enable the ‘project-pool’ feature – allow employees to login to a dashboard and select projects they would like to work on from a pool of projects.