Frequently asked questions

Yes. Our software is built to help you achieve your strategic people management goals in a way that a generic HRIS system can't.

Many of our clients turned to us when the HRIS system they were using couldn't meet their needs. They integrated viGlobal software into their HRIS system to effectively implement important tasks such as performance management for billable employees, real-time feedback on client work, integration of senior executives, or work allocation for their interns and professionals.

Yes. viGlobal software can be used for all of your firm’s staff.

Many of our clients use our software for their entire employee population.

Yes. We have many clients in a variety of industries including healthcare, education, technology, and more.

Any organization that relies on a highly skilled workforce can benefit from our software.

You are provided a dedicated customer care professional for your entire relationship with us.

This expert is the same person who implements the software, trains you, project manages you, and then provides ongoing support. That one person knows you and your business inside out — they become a part of your team.

We charge based on the number of users.

The specific price is going to depend on your situation, number of users, and a few other variables. Please contact us to learn more.

Yes. You can choose to purchase any number of our 8 modules, or purchase the whole platform.

Each individual module solves specific challenges in an area of people management. Together, they form an integrated platform that will serve all your needs for talent and workforce management at your firm.

Yes. Using our integrated platform, you will be able to see all your analytics in one place and see how each individual, each team, or the entire organization is doing at any point in time.

You can spot trends early, identify program gaps, and quickly make strategic workforce planning and project staffing decisions. Plus, having a consistent look, feel, and user experience across all people management processes will help you save time training your team and accelerate adoption.