What do today’s employees really want?

Today’s employees

It’s everywhere: news that today’s employees are in control. Low unemployment and high demand mean that today’s job seekers and employees are in the driving seat. And it turns out that their loyalty is not for sale.

The people with the intelligence, empathy and talent required to help your business thrive are not driven by salary alone. They care about so much more. They care about convenience, culture, connections, and career advancement.


Today’s employees are trying to find balance. And convenience is one way to achieve balance – at a cost that people deem worth paying. For example, many employees would choose a company that is conveniently located, encourages remote working, conveniently provides lunch and coffee, and has streamlined IT, Talent Management and Operations processes, over a competitor that simply pays more.


People want to feel included, valued and part of something important. This is where company culture is key. Provide a safe space for diversity and individuality, teach people how to communicate, lead and act with empathy, and trust them to innovate, challenge and improve everything around them.

A positive company culture can have a huge impact on retention rates – and it starts with your company’s values.


We have heard it said that “your network is your net worth”. This is obviously overstated, but it makes the point that at least some of an employee’s value and opportunity for advancement can be accessed via their network.

Encouraging internal and external networking is good for an employee’s development and confidence. People who struggle to connect with their colleagues might be greatly helped by building a mentorship relationship with an external peer.

Career advancement

Everyone wants to know that their hard work will pay off in the end. A career roadmap, with associated milestones is a powerful tool for retaining and motivating today’s employees.

Add regular (and fair) performance reviews, and continuous real-time feedback, and you’ll have a group of employees who are self-aware, focused on development, and motivated to master their crafts.

Talent management software for today’s employees

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