How to use viSKILLS to help employees visualize career paths

employee career paths

We know that it’s hard to retain great employees. It requires a carefully planned employee integration program, as well as proof that your organization supports the growth and development of its employees and their career paths.

Skills development is an important piece of the employee retention puzzle. When people can visualize their career path and have map a route to the top, they’re much more likely to remain engaged, motivated and high performing.

viSKILLS –  The software module for skills development

viSKILLS is one of our most popular talent management software modules. It’s a tool that allows HR and leadership teams to list the skills their organizations, offices, and departments need so that employees can see what skills and experience they need to gain to progress in their career paths.

It’s a great way to make sure that your employees understand what’s expected of them at various levels in their careers.

For example, you can list the skills required to progress as a lawyer, marketer or software developer.

These include role-specific skills as well as general skills such as leadership and communication. Now junior, mid and senior team members can see their progression and identify the skills and experience they need to develop in order to grow. They can use this to make sure they work on projects that plug experience gaps or to find a mentor.

Create your list of skills to track
Using viSKILLS, employees can log in and view their progression at any time

Objective and transparent views of skills development

viSKILLS has an online dashboard that each employee can log into to check their progression and update their skills.

The manager’s dashboard offers a bird’s eye view of skills progress across the organization, office, department or level. This allows managers to make informed and strategic decisions regarding project placements and mentorships. For example, you can see who has ‘no experience’ in a certain skill or competency, as well as who has extensive experience.

Never underestimate the value of career clarity

High performing employees like to know that they are on track. They want to identify their own skills gaps and make sure they can deliver what’s expected of them.

Using viSKILLS to give employees (and their managers) clarity regarding progression in their career journeys is a powerful way to retain and motivate people while developing a well-rounded and future-proof workforce that meets your strategic goals.

Birds-eye view of who has updated their skills
System administrators can see a status report of who has updated their skills.

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