How to increase participation in corporate learning

Participation in corporate learning

How disappointing… your team has worked hard to develop and deploy a fantastic corporate learning program but six months down the line adoption is still low. What went wrong?

In fast-paced organizations where the pressure is on and everyone is working at maximum capacity, it can be very difficult to convince employees to make the most of the training you offer.

Here are five ways to boost participation in corporate learning:

1. Explain the value

People do things that benefit them. So, when introducing your program (in person, via email, and on the landing page) make a really big deal out the benefits. For example, if your organization offers personalized learning paths, explain that participating in training will advance their careers. This works really well when you can show each employee how their training aligns to their career goals.

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2. Recognize and reward

You can easily sweeten the deal by gamifying your learning program. For example, you could brand it as an internal ‘academy’ or ‘university’ and allow employees to earn credits for completing modules. These can accrue over the year and be recognized with a small bonus, gift or extra time off.

3. Make it user-friendly

Many employees don’t use their company’s LMS because it’s boring, glitchy or difficult to navigate. A bright, beautifully branded home page, professionally templated email reminders, and easy calendar integration will make it a breeze for employees to explore, sign up and remember to attend various programs.

4. Use various formats

The topic, audience, and facilitator will determine which format is best. For example, you could host some modules in a face-to-face classroom environment, or host a webinar, or create an interactive e-learning course.

viLMS allows you to use any format.

5. Give them the chance to prove their mastery

Once an employee completes a module, they’re ready to put their new skills to the test. Give them the chance to do so by assigning them to a relevant project or inviting them to shadow a senior employee who knows the ropes. The ability to master your craft is a very strong intrinsic motivator, and helps the employee see the value in the time they spent training.

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Our learning management system (viLMS) is a robust software solution for planning, delivering and managing all corporate learning at your organization. Designed with the flexibility to meet any requirement, viLMS supports all of your people through their training lifecycle and bridges the traditional gaps between goal setting, learning, skills mastery and performance achievement. Our system also includes a full credit tracking engine (CLE/CPD) for tracking required continuing education requirements for all jurisdictions.

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