Real-time feedback software for law firms – ready to try it?


Real-time feedback software for law firms

Annual performance reviews are enough to make even the most confident law firm associates break out in a cold sweat. But should someone’s future career really depend on the success of one or two reviews per year?

Annual performance reviews are still standard for many firms, but we’re seeing increasing numbers turn to real-time feedback systems as they aim to more fairly gauge employee performance, and give people the opportunity to proactively own and steer their careers.

vi by Aderant’s real-time feedback software for law firms

Over 90% of North America’s law firms already trust vi by Aderant with the performance management of their lawyers and staff. We enjoy working with this complex industry, and we have found that our software can have a huge impact – not just on performance but on retention levels, too.

That’s why we designed our real-time feedback software for law firms. We worked closely with our clients to scope and test it out, and we’re inviting firms to book a quick online demo to learn more.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of real-time feedback software:

  • It allows you to build your own real-time feedback workflows to collect any type of data. We can even plug in to your account system for matter-based feedback.
  • You can see it all in an interactive timeline view.
  • Visual dashboards show feedback trends, volume of feedback and other useful information, by office, department or practice group.
  • It integrates with your annual performance review. Many firms have a 6-month and/or annual review process. This tool integrates seamlessly with your review process.

Why wait until year-end to collect performance? Your professionals work on projects throughout the year. Provide them with the feedback they need to course-correct as projects are being complete.

Ready to try it?

We’d love to take you through a short demonstration of our real-time feedback solution, and how you can begin to realize the value of a structured approach to creating a more empowered workforce. To book a time, just follow the link below and leave your details.

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