How a structured employee integration process can fix a toxic culture


How a structured employee integration process can fix a toxic culture

Your employee integration process is one of the most important undertakings for an HR leader. It includes everything new hires must experience to give them the very start on their journey with your organization.

And while it’s the goal of every HR manager to create an environment that’s inclusive, safe, open, and where trust is valued, sometimes it just isn’t possible. People get swamped by their workloads, communication breakdowns occur, egos are bruised, and what was supposed to be a positive environment quickly turns into a toxic one. Your company culture follows suit and your workplace becomes a cold, grey place.

The long-term effects of a toxic culture can ruin a business. Left to fester, employees begin to internalize issues and adopt a ‘me-first’ attitude, something that never results in the kind of success companies with progressive cultures experience.

Toxic cultures also deal devastating blows to the aspirations of new employees. Consider this scenario: a new employee joins your organization and is excited about the prospect of working with a mentor, connecting with colleagues, and growing within your company. Instead, a lack of interest from the leadership team, zero support from colleagues, and no outlet to share a need to grow leaves your new hire feeling isolated and second guessing their decision to join your organization.

Connecting the dots with an effective employee integration process

There is a way to turn back the dial and change your company’s culture. I spend a lot of time discussing the benefits of a well-structured employee integration process with many HR leaders in various businesses. It’s been my experience that the adoption of simple, well-planned integration programs can make massive, positive changes within organizations and directly influence their culture.

An effective new hire integration program is a collection of experiences that engage new employees, making them feel valued. When a well-thought-out integration process is executed, it involves more than just the HR manager. New hires connect with colleagues across the business, meet leaders, develop relationships at different levels within the organization, and pursue interests that matter to them.

We help HR leaders accomplish this every day with our employee integration software. It is designed to make sure that new hires receive the attention they need to feel welcome, especially in busy work environments where people easily get caught up in their workdays.


By creating an employee integration process that’s backed by smart software, you can create an environment where new employees feel more connected and at home.

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