Learning Management + CLE/CPD

viLMS empowers you to deploy your organization’s learning and development programs

viLMS + CLE/CPD Enables you to Align Learning Initiatives with Strategic Goals and Effectively Manage Training and Development Organization-wide

Take your Learning Strategies to the Next Level

viLMS empowers you to deploy your organization’s learning and development programs. Create learning curriculums, launch an employee learning homepage/dashboard and watch your employees thrive as they increase their knowledge and skills. Our system also includes a crediting engine that enables you to tie credit requirements to courses. This is important for industry regulations, such as CLE/CPD and others too.

What viLMS Can Do For You...

Some of Our Features

Centralized Resources

A centralized resource for all types of learning. Tailored to fit the specific timezones and needs for each individual.

Streamlined Training

Training administration is streamlined through ease of setting up classroom courses, webcasts, e-learning and learning resources for multiple locations.

Synced with Your Calendar

Enables self-service for training registration and full MS Outlook calendar integration to sync courses with calendar.

Set Up Learning Paths

Training can be set up by Learning Paths, Practice Groups, Competencies and/or by Categories.

Reduced Costs

Two systems in one (a full LMS + a credit tracking system). The credit tracking system is used for CLE/CPD and any other credit tracking you need (legal, financial, medical, regulatory, etc.). This provides cost reductions over two separate systems as well as superior integration capabilities.

Full Integration

Integrates with other vi modules to provide an integrated view of an employee’s developmental needs, goals, performance and training.