Performance Management and Surveys

Use viEval to automate all facets of your employee performance management programs

viEval Enables you to Evaluate all of your Employees with Best Practice Performance Review Processes

The Industry’s Most Configurable Solution

Move the forefront of talent management with viEval, a cutting-edge performance management tool. Feature-rich and flexible, viEval provides the foundational structure for managing performance in alignment with organizational objectives. Use viEval to automate all facets of your employee performance management programs. Equip your organization with technology essential to cultivating a culture of higher performance and greater productivity.

What viEval Can Do For You...

Some of Our Features

Streamline Your Process

Customize workflows, auto-route evaluation forms and reminders, provide a configurable dashboard and interface, and give one-click report access.

Integrate with Other Technologies

Auto-import current matter information from your accounting system, profile or user-defined data from your HR system or other legacy systems, and integrate with Sharepoint.

Customize Forms

Include rating and narrative questions, scoring, weighting, anonymous or attributed responses, branching logic, and advanced display options.

Link Relevant Information

Click to view documents and pertinent data from other sources.

Track Evaluations

At-a-glance tracking reports, automatic reminders, and audit trail.

Produce Powerful Reports

Features include graphics, individual-to-group and year-to-year comparisons, sorting, and more.