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Funnel applicants through your website strategically

Managing high volumes of candidates can be overwhelming, making it difficult to differentiate them, let alone find a new hire. Our software integrates with your website for a smooth experience for you and your applicants. Tailor a posting to the right audience: internal, external, search firms, or any combination of the three. Pre-screen and filter pools of applicants based on custom questions, such as GPA, languages spoken, and industry experience. Automatically parse resumes for the data you need to make hiring decisions and meet your diversity targets.

Utilize search firms effectively and save money

We provide a full search firm management interface. Only allow recruiters and headhunters with valid contracts to submit for the positions you’ve selected. Avoid paying multiple firms for the same application or paying for previously submitted applicants. Target different positions to specific search firms. Our search firm bullseye report can show you which firms give you the best applicant yield and which ones are flooding you with applications.

Quick and simple high-volume interview scheduling

Forget the nightmare of coordinating your company schedule with every applicant. Let applicants create profiles and submit their availability, and instantly match them with open slots in interviewers’ schedules. No double booking or overbooking, and full integration with Outlook and Google Calendar. Manage in-person and virtual interviews in the same process. For campus recruiting and OCIs, open up tiered interview slots that prioritize your top schools.

Make tough hiring decisions with data and feedback

You need a consistent evaluation process in order to make hiring decisions, especially with multiple interviewers. Once an interview is done, our system emails a standardized evaluation form to the interviewer for feedback. Interview scores are summarized in charts and graphs to determine top performers. Applicants can be voted on by committee — put candidate feedback on screen, vote and see results, and make quick calls on difficult hiring choices.

Nurture applicants with email templates and auto reminders

Corresponding with large pools of applicants means tracking their progress through each stage and contacting each of them at the right time. We handle that for you. Our templates and automated reminders are built in, allowing you to customize emails and send them off quickly. Nurture applicants en masse with set touch points and don’t worry about losing their interest.

Improve your process by tracking trends and success rates

Not only do you want to increase your hiring ROI, but you also have targets to meet, such as diversity goals. Our reports and analytics let you track your progress, explore trends, and make smart decisions. Look at each recruitment stage and analyse when you lose candidates and how to improve. Determine which recruiting events and search firms yield the highest percent of callbacks and hires.


Seamless integration with your accounting, HRIS, communications, and calendar systems


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