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Competitors are using technology to steal your best people. We give you technology to keep your best people.

As a professional services firm, you are unique. The cost of losing someone is enormous. All in costs for a losing a mid-level associate are $300,000. The costs of losing a partner approaches and even eclipses $1,000,000+.  Retention is crucial for professional services firms.

Integrate professionals into your firm

Onboarding is not enough. Ensure your new hires are fully integrated and ensconced into your firm’s culture from day one. Never let a new hire fall through the cracks again. Integrate associates/consultants, partners and staff with precision.

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Ensure Diversity & Inclusion Success

Are your diverse professionals getting the same quality work opportunities as non-diverse? Are your diverse professionals progressing in their career? Beautiful dashboards give a real-time view into your diverse population.

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93% Market Share – we understand firms

93% of North America’s largest law firms use our software. 400 firms in total. Our software can handle any engineering, consulting, financial or other professional services firm too.

Identify & Retain the top 10%

These are the professionals you cannot afford to lose. Current & future leaders, rising stars. Our software helps you to identify them and then allows you to put them into an accelerated retention track to make sure they stay.

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Let them take Gigs & Foster Intrapreneurship

Reduce attrition by offering employees, associates/consultants and partners the opportunity to stretch their abilities, develop new skills and try out new projects without leaving your firm.

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Realtime Project / Matter-based feedback

Matters, engagements, projects – whatever you call them, we plug into your accounting system and allow real-time feedback on the work your professionals do.

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The Ultimate Student / Analyst Program

With support for department/practice group rotations, assignment allocation + real-time feedback. Identify the young professionals you want to hire with pinpoint accuracy.

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Develop Skills & Career Paths

Show your professionals the skills they will learn as they progress in their career. Allow them to track their skills and become well-rounded future stars.

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Forecast workload and availability to take on work

Which consultants are at the brink of burnout? Which ones are not busy enough.

Color-coded dashboards show you a heatmap of how busy your professionals are in each office and practice area.

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Recruit applicants effectively

Use our applicant tracking system (ATS) designed for professional services firms. Hire great people who will stick.

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Help your professionals learn

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is designed for professionals. Includes a credit-tracking module for all jurisdictions.

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Performance Management

Manage the performance of everyone at your firm. Our system tracks projects throughout the year, matches consultants/associates with who they worked with and more

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