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At vi, we have honed the retention game. We have close to 100% employee retention at our company, and 100% client retention.

We have taken what we’ve learned and infused it into our retention software platform.

We have a truly remarkable story. We built this company the way companies used to be built - one client at a time, and hiring one employee at a time. We had no outside capital or loans. Our first clients are still with us several years later.

Deal with One Human

What sets us apart from other software companies is our exceptional customer care. You are provided a dedicated customer care professional for the lifetime of your relationship with us. This expert is the same person who implements the software, trains you, project manages you and then provides ongoing support. That one person knows you and your business inside out - They become a part of your team.

vi is a self-funded, privately owned and operated company. For any inquiries related to the company, please contact:

Andrew Talpash, President & CEO, vi

416 504-9965 x 2224