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Make your company their passion with our corporate internship management software. Use our internship program management software to streamline your company’s entire program from start to finish

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Today’s interns are tomorrow’s leaders

Whether you call your training hires interns, summer associates, residents, or summer analysts, vi Global will help you construct and manage the optimal corporate internship program. Organizations using our corporate internship management software have their choice of ace interns and future hires.

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Today's interns are tomorrows leaders
Gain visibility into your entire internship

Gain visibility into your entire internship program

See what each individual is working on, view a summary of their performance, understand how happy they are, and identify the stars you want to hire back—all in one clean dashboard.

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Motivate interns by allowing them to set meaningful goals

Allow interns to set goals for what they would like to accomplish during the program.  Share it with their mentor and then ensure that they are working toward their goals.

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Motivate interns by allowing them to set meaningful goals
Provide realtime feedback

Provide real-time performance feedback

People thrive on feedback. Collect real-time team input on your intern’s performance throughout their tenure with you. Deliver this guidance in a timely manner to allow your interns to improve. Get ready to share the mic. Real-time performance helps interns share their feedback with you as well, keeping communication flowing.

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Refine and improve your internship program over time

Year-over-year metrics will show you what factors in your program are working and what factors are not. Use this valuable information to hone and refine your program.

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Refine and improve your internship program over time
Empower leaders to mentor interns

Empower company leaders to mentor interns

Assign a mentor to each intern to help develop important career skills. Equip leaders with the tools and training they need to effectively guide interns.

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Track skills needed for career growth

Create a list of hard and/or soft skills and then empower interns to track the skills they are acquiring throughout the program. Unleash their potential as they fill in skills gaps with targeted work.

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Track skills needed for career growth
Indentify star interns

Identify star interns

Discover who your top performing interns are – at any point in time. Make sure that you are keeping a pulse on all interns and focusing on the exceptional interns that you want to hire back.

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Increase engagement and productivity of your interns

Collect vital information about how engaged your interns are. Our software will notify you of any warning signs, so that you can take steps to get things back on track.

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Increase engagement of your interns

Why Our Software Works

Why our software works

Increases Engagement of Your Interns

When employees are truly engaged, they are happier, more productive and more successful

Enables Interns to Choose Meaningful Projects

When interns self-select projects, they feel a stronger investment in the results

Uses Peer Feedback to Identify Top Performing Interns

By encouraging interns to reflect on everyone’s performance, you will get honest peer feedback

Ensures Diversity and Inclusion through Corporate Transparency

Being transparent with your employees helps them feel valued and heard

Keeps Your Internship Alumni Network Alive

Reconnecting with your alumni will strengthen relationships and lead to more company pride

Tracks Which Schools Your Top Interns Are Coming From

Targeted recruiting efforts increase the likelihood of a successful hire

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why choose vi?

A rock-solid company you can trust

We have been in business for 15 years

We take outstanding care of our clients and our employees

We take excellent care of our clients AND employees – our first three clients and first three employees are still with us


We have hundreds of organizations using our software to manage their internship program

We take ownership of getting you up and running successfully

When you sign up, we assign a dedicated customer care professional who tailors the system to your exact needs

“The system’s value and benefits could take up the whole page. Bottom line, it has completely changed the way we do business in Talent Acquisition. It is a must-have tool that has made us more efficient and effective in not only managing our program but also delivering an exceptional experience.“

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