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The cost of losing a mid-level employee (think software engineer or nurse) – $60,000.*

The cost of losing a senior executive (think CxO or senior VP) – $319,500.*

Our mission is help you retain all levels of employee – from entry-level to senior executive.

[ * Losing an employee is 6-9 months salary, losing an executive is 213% of salary ]

Integration – give new hires reason to stay

Reduce attrition rates by making sure new employees are welcomed and integrated into your organization.

Use our timeline-based integration solution to ensure all levels of new hire stick.

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Track and improve your Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

Build an inclusive workforce by tracking the integration, retention, performance and satisfaction levels of diverse employee groups. Company profitability is directly correlated to Diversity & Inclusion effectiveness.

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Keep the keepers – the top 10%

Identify your best people – you know, the ones who go above and beyond and who teach and motivate others. Identify them and then put them into an accelerated employee retention program.

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Bring the gig economy in-house and foster Intrapreneurship

Allow department managers to create short term work ‘gigs’ inside your company. Then unleash your high potential employees on these gigs and foster an intrapreneurial spirit.

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Provide the real-time feedback they want

Offer regular performance feedback and use it to create focused, actionable employee development plans.

With our real-time performance review solution, your people don’t need to wait a year for performance feedback.

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Retain future stars – create the ultimate early careers program

Allow young employees to go on a rotation program in various departments, taking on various work projects and provide them feedback on those projects. Get a dashboard view of all early careers employees and how they are doing.

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Develop your people with tailored career roadmaps

Show employees a career path with skills they will acquire and a clear path to progress in their career. Allow them to track their skills.

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