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The smartest solution to your #1 challenge - Retaining Great People

Stop losing great people

- Turn your biggest challenge into your biggest differentiator.

like LinkedIn make it easy for competitors to poach your best employees, and poor reviews on sites like Glassdoor can have a detrimental effect on your recruitment marketing.

Add to this the fact that 40% of employee turnover happens within the first 3 – 6 months of hiring, and that the average tenure of a millennial employee is roughly 2 years, and it’s no wonder employee retention is such a challenge.

Our mission is to solve the retention issue, to help you to hang on the people you cannot afford to lose.

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See how we solve the #1 issue facing companies 2018: Retention

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The SolutionIn terms of retention, we divide organizations into two main categories

Professional Services Firms

Any organization that has billable people and who’s product is the intellectual capital your people provide. Examples are law firms, accounting firms, consulting firms, engineering firms, architectural firms and media/advertising. We understand these industries inside out, with over 400 very large law firm clients and numerous other professional services firms as clients too.

Corporations, Fortune 1000, Mid-sized companies, High Tech, Hospitals, Financial Services, Education, Government

Any organization whose principle business is not billable people. You may provide other services or products but your primary source of revenue is not billable time.