Case Study

Learn how three mid-sized and large law firms have implemented real-time feedback using viGlobal’s solution.

Lawyers are working on high-profile matters and projects throughout the year. Yet over the course of that year, typically associates often only receive feedback one time -- during their annual performance reviews. This feedback gap creates risk, both for the success of client engagement and the associates’ career development, and many firms are asking what they can do better.

The answer is real-time feedback, the hottest trend in professional development right now. Real-time feedback enables firms to provide associates feedback while they’re working on a matter so they can course-correct in real-time. The result is a higher quality of client service and greater satisfaction and performance among associates, leading to increased lawyer retention rates.


  • being able to provide instantaneous feedback to associates on matters they worked on
  • giving associates and staff the opportunity to course-correct by receiving timely feedback based on key triggers like hours worked
  • an associate simply using their mobile device to request feedback on a matter
  • having a system that would enable you to implement real-time feedback in your own firm and enable key workflows to review and approve feedback?

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