Workload Forecasting

viUtilize allows your people to forecast their projected workload to effectively manage work distribution.

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Evenly distribute work based on how much your employees can handle

viUtilize enables your employees to forecast how busy they will be over the next day, week or month in order to facilitate fair work distribution. Optionally consider demographics, work experience and other details to effectively staff people on projects. Stunning visual reports empower you to see who is free or busy with a colour-coded ‘red/yellow/green’ system to make real-time decisions in assigning work.

What viUtilize Can Do For You...

Foster Lawyer Satisfaction

Foster Employee Satisfaction

Fair Work Distribution

Fair Work Distribution

Help Assemble Teams

Help Assemble Teams

Reduce Time and Effort

Reduce Time
& Effort

  • Foster employee satisfaction. Ensure that employees receive assignments appropriate to their skill level, developmental needs & interest
  • Facilitate Fair Work Distribution. Avoid bias and imbalance as work is assigned, & promote a culture of fairness and transparency
  • Optimize Manager Decision Making. Help managers assemble a strong team for work on a matter by instantly identifying employees with both the necessary skills set and the required availability
  • Reduce Time & Effort. Set up processes in a matter of minutes. One click generates all key information in an easy-to-read report
  • Track availability with a red/yellow/green system or any color codes you choose
  • viUtilize emails your employees daily or weekly to keep forecasts fresh
  • Track days in the office/out of the office



In a matter of minutes, employees forecast their availability at intervals determined by practice group.


Forecasts may include fields for work interests, as well as matter details such as estimated hours, type of work, employees and comments.


Employees receive scheduled auto-email reminders to complete forecasts, and administrators view status reports.


Designated professional development staff, managers and employees view a wide variety of employee availability reports.


Forecast workload daily or weekly, by hours or percentage of time available. Create your own colour-coded system.

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